The 167

Church is 1 hour. What about the other 167 hours in your week?

want to grow more and stretch your brain?

There are 168 hours a week. Sunday Gathering accounts for one hour of that. (Ok, maybe a bit more). How are you using the 167 to feed yourself?

Sundays alone are not enough to promote or sustain healthy growth and skills for living life better. We need more. In addition to your time with God (and the amazing feeding you get from Restore!), no doubt you've already got your podcasts, books or whatever you love to listen to/read/watch.

That's great! Keep it up.

But in case you haven't, or in case you want to get a little adventurous and expand your circle of influence, we would like to offer up some bits and pieces we have found helpful and think you might want to try. No obligation.


This stuff is certainly not all there is and we don't always agree with everything found in these resources. Nor do these resources represent the views and beliefs of Restore Church. But we think they are worth a try.



Erwin McManus

Tim Keller

Passion Podcast / Louie Giglio

Word of Life Podcast

Your Move with Andy Stanley

Bethel Church - Bill Johnson et al

UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE (I mean really trying to understand it)

The Bible for Normal People - Dr Pete Enns and Jared Byas

SCIENCE AND FAITH (they're not incompatible)

Ask Science Mike

GOOD THEOLOGY (as opposed to rubbish theology)

The N. T Wright Podcast

N. T Wright Lecture Series

RISKY BUSINESS (Christians who other Christians would have burned at the stake)

The Robcast -Rob Bell

For the love with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

Homilies by Richard Rohr (Listener alert: He's a Catholic Priest)


books - physical and audible