Restore Youth

Friday Nights 7-9pm (School Terms only)

Our heartbeat.

Our heart and vision is to see young people come fully alive in Christ. 

We believe young people can make a positive difference in the world now. So we’re passionate about seeing them come alive in Christ to live His way. At Restore we not only have a great Youth Programme but encourage young people to be an active member, serving part of the broader church as well. They are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today and we value and nurture the contribution they can make now.

Youth Gathering

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Our weekly youth gathering is for any high school aged young person. We want this time to be fun and welcoming. Where anyone from any background can come along, have a great time, and just be themselves.

This term we are running a two-week mini-series all about the questions that are deep within our hearts. What are the questions on every young man's heart and on every young woman's heart? God himself is the only one who can answer the questions that are at the very core of our being.

Discipleship Group

5:30pm - 6:30pm (Fridays)

This group is aimed at those who specifically want to know more about Jesus. A 'disciple' is quite simply a learner. So, in short, that is what this time is for. Learning more about who Jesus was, how he lived, and what he wants to do in us today.

Another aim of this group will be giving opportunities for young people to help run the Youth Gathering. We believe that your teenagers have so much potential and leadership capacity already! We want to help unlock that as best as we can.

Whether it's leading a game, helping at the sound & lighting desk, sharing an encouraging message, or running the canteen, we want to see young people step up and take on responsibility.

Share the Love

At least once a term we are serving people locally or globally. We call this "Share the Love". We want to make this ministry about more than just us. Young people are passionate and so quick to jump at an opportunity to help those in need.

Last term we all took part in Safe Water September and smashed our goal by raising $2573! That means 128 people in Zimbabwe have access to safe drinking water because of our young people! These teens are literally changing the world. Incredible!

This term we are doing something a bit different to bless those outside of our normal social circles. We are hosting a "Random Acts of Kindness Day" one Sunday after church (Date TBD).

Our young people are coming up with all sorts of ideas to walk outside our doors and bless the local community. Raking peoples yards, handing out free bubbles to families at a park, and cleaning up rubbish are just a few ideas for the day so far. We want to see how much we can do in one afternoon. Should be a lot of fun! We want to show the youth how easy it can be to make a difference and remind them they can "share the love" any time.

Got Questions?

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